Server Web Hosting

Webmaster is a program that uses the HTTP protocol to deliver the files that make up a web page to a client’s computer via a request delegated by an HTTP client. Dedicated computers and equipment can also act as network servers. This process is an application of the client/server model.

Various computers hosting websites must have web server programs. The main web servers are APACHE (the most popular web butler), Microsoft’s IIS (Internet Information Server) and NGINX (Underlined Engine X). Other web servers include novell’s netware steward, google web server (gws) and IBM’s domino server family. A public web server connects to the Internet and hosts web resources (web pages, pictures, videos, etc.).

These resources are either static (providing services as-is) or dynamic (built to the needs of the stewards). There are servers that are only affordable on a private network (intranet), hosting client sites, documents or applications, in-house, administrative, etc. It is technically possible to perform both functions on the same computer workstation, but this is rarely the case for most security reasons [ref: necessary].

The main function of a webmaster is to store and deliver web pages, which are usually presented in HTML form. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) allows communication with client software (usually a web browser) over the network. Js, a branch of the javascript node. js is a butler-side javascript environment for web applications, and thus for web servers. Js is used by 0.2% of websites.The Nodes Project was created by Ryan Dahl in 2009.The Js Project is managed by the Nodes Foundation and supported by the Linux Foundation.

The difference between nodes.Web servers such as Js are characterized by being, first and foremost, a multi-platform running environment for creating web applications. Nodes. js provides an event-driven architecture that can experience asynchronous input and output.

This allows for dictation and scalability in web applications, which are ideal qualities for real-time communication applications and online video games.

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